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Brief Synopsis of Bobby Bubblegum & The Houseguest


My buddy Bobby can’t come out to play today. He has to clean up all the sticky goo that got blasted around his room last night when his bubblegum exploded. And it wasn’t even his fault! It was all because of Aunt Girty Girdletight and her mean old cat Priscilla. The two of them just dropped in yesterday surprising everybody, even his parents. And worst of all they came with all their stuff and didn’t even say when they planned to go. Well Bobby sure fixed that. But worst of all, bossy old Aunt Girty tried to make Bobby get rid of all his gum! If you read my story you’ll find out how it was actually mean old Priscilla and her kitty claws that triggered the magic in Bobby’s bubblegum to help him save the day.

Brief Synopsis of Bobby Bubblegum Goes to the Farm


Last week I took my buddy Bobby with me for a visit to my Gran and Grandpa’s farm. We love the farm because there are lots of animals and places to hide. They have a really neat orchard and Grandma picks apples every time we come so she can bake us an awesome apple pie. But Gran and Gramps also have this ornery neighbour whose name is Farmer Friggs. He has three pet pigs and lets them wander everywhere, even into Gran and Grandpa’s orchard. These hogs are enormous and eat everything in sight, but Farmer Friggs won’t do a thing about it.  As always, Bobby brought along his bubblegum, so read my story to find out how magic bubbles changed the menu for the pigs and taught some manners to Farmer Friggs.

Brief Synopsis of Bobby Bubblegum Plays Ball


Bobby Bubblegum made a fantastic play at the end of the ninth inning yesterday. Every kid on our baseball team is still talking about it and can’t believe what happened. We were up against the hotshots in our league who we call the “Empty Mitts” and their captain Punky Fritz tried to strike Bobby out. Now everybody knows that Fritzy is a bully. He spreads stories about my buddy Bobby and tries to make him look ditsy. Lately his favourite line is that Bobby can’t play ball, let alone hit one. Well Fritzy made a BIG mistake! Never underestimate Bobby and his magic bubblegum. All I can tell you here is that this is one of Bobby’s most amazing adventures. Read my story and find out how magic bubblegum can turn a disaster into a double-bubble power play.

Brief Synopsis of My Buddy Bobby Bubblegum


“My Buddy, Bobby Bubblegum” has been my very best friend ever since we were born. Now we’re both ten, so that’s a long, long time. As Bobby’s first and best buddy I’ve written stories about all of his bubblegum adventures. They are awesome stories where magic bubbles always save the day. If you've read these stories or not, you probably want to know how Bobby got this magic bubble power. If that is true, this story is for you. We’ll take you to a mysterious bubble universe of amazing creatures that lead you beyond anything you have ever seen before. And when we finally get back home our moms have a few surprises for us too! What happens after that?  I’ll let my story tell the rest.

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